How to Dye a Human Hair Wig at Home – A Guide?


The phrase “how to dye a human hair wig” is becoming increasingly frequent in hairstyling, evidence of how far wigs have come. Human hair wigs are beautiful because they can be fashioned in more ways than synthetic wigs, giving you a more natural and individualistic appearance. They behave similarly to real hair in that they can be styled and dyed.

best hair dye for human hair wigs

This article will teach you how to dye a human hair wig to achieve a unique and stunning look. Okay, so let’s get started.

Why dye a human hair wig?

Before discussing how to dye a human hair wig, let’s talk about why someone might want to dye their wigs. Some human hair wigs don’t come in the color we want, and not everyone can afford to buy many. A wig worn and loved for a long time can get a new start on life by dying it.

Some people wonder why their human hair wig won’t change color. This is mainly because the wig could be better, the dye used was terrible, or the dying process needed to be done right. This post will discuss different shades used on human hair wigs.

Understanding Wigs

Before you start coloring, you must know how synthetic wigs differ from human hair wigs. This will let you know what can be drawn and what can’t.

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs, made of plastic threads meant to look like natural hair, don’t usually take colors as well as human hair wigs. Because of this, dying these wigs presents a unique set of challenges, and you may need to use special dyes.

Human Hair Wigs

These wigs are made from natural human hair, as the name suggests. This makes them look more natural and gives them a more accurate feel. People who wear wigs like them because they can be colored, cut, and styled the same way natural hair can.

What is the best dye for human hair wigs?

If you want to know which dye works best on human hair wigs, the answer depends mainly on personal taste and the wig used. Semi-permanent colors are often suggested because they cause less damage and can be washed away over time. On the other hand, many people choose permanent dyes because they last longer.

Remember that choosing a color that can be reached naturally is very important. If you want to know how to dye a human hair wig darker or lighter, you need to know what color it was to start with. Bleach might be required to change the color of a black wig to blonde, but it’s easier to turn a blonde wig black.

Prepping the Wig for Dyeing

Before you can style a human hair wig, you must prepare it correctly. Follow these steps to ensure your wig is ready to be colored before you start the dying process.

  1. Washing and drying the wig:. Use a gentle shampoo to clean the wig well and remove any leftover product before letting it dry. Make sure it’s scorched before you dye it because a clean, dry wig will take up color more evenly.
  2. Protecting the lace: Cover the lace and any other fragile wig parts with petroleum jelly to keep them safe. This will keep the dye from getting on the clothes. This process ensures that the color goes on evenly and doesn’t hurt these essential parts of the wig.

How to dye a human hair wig at home

When you dye a human hair wig at home, it’s like going on an exciting journey that lets you show your creativity and change. This step-by-step guide will help you get through the process quickly, whether you want to change your look in a small way or make a big statement with it. Now, wear some gloves because we’ll get our hands dirty as we learn how to color wigs.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to dye a human hair wig at home:

First, gather all of the tools and parts you will need.

Check to make sure you have everything you need before we start. You will need gloves, a bowl for mixing, a brush, the best dye for human hair wigs, and your human hair wig. Set everything up like a painter would when they are ready to paint.

Step 2: Choose the colors you’ll use

Choose the colors that make you feel like the artist you are. You should ensure that the dye you choose fits your style and who you are, whether classic black or bright red.

Step 3: Mix the dyes

Wear gloves to protect your hands, and then mix the dye according to the directions on the box. Imagine making a recipe by combining the ingredients until they work well together.

Step 4: Test a strand.

Do an experiment like a scientist would and try the dye on a small piece of hair from your wig. This lets you see the end color’s appearance and make any necessary changes. Remember that this is your personal beauty lab at all times!

Step 5: Get your wig ready to Wear

Please set up your wig so a stand or wig head can hold it up. Think of it as a model about to walk down a catwalk and show off its new colors. Ensure the dying process goes smoothly by carefully combing through the wig to remove any knots or tangles.

Step 6: put on the dye.

We should start painting now! You can put the dye on the wig one strand at a time by dipping your brush into the dye mixture and then putting it on the strand. Imagine that each strand of hair is a brushstroke in your art and that each one is full of the lively energy of the color.

Step 7: Look at the magic. to happen

Wrapping your dyed wig in plastic wrap will create an environment that will help it change. Let the dye work its magic on the hair so the new colors can get into it. This lull in action before the big news is like the silence before a big event.

Step 8: Rinse and shine.

When all the tension is over, the big secret will be revealed. The wig should be washed in warm water until the water becomes clear. Imagine using water to wash away the old so the new can show. Apply conditioner to the hair gently, as if wrapping it in a warm hug.

Step 9: Dry with a lot of care

After the last wash, gently pat your wig dry with a soft towel. Put it face up on a clean surface and let it dry in the air. It’s like watching a flower open its petals as it dries, each second revealing more beauty.

Step 10: Enjoy your finished work of art

After the wig has had enough time to dry in the air, you can put it on your wig head and admire your job. This is your work. It shows how clever and talented you are as an artist. Be proud of what you’ve done, just like a writer would be when they look back at their finished book and admire it.

Coloring a human hair wig at home is the most fun when it comes to do-it-yourself wig changes. You have opened the door to a world where colors tell stories, and self-expression is unlimited as long as you have the right tools, a little thought, and some patience. So, go out into the world and use your wig as a blank surface to paint whatever you can think of. Your journey has only just begun.

Maintaining Your Newly Dyed Wig

Washing your wig:

Use shampoos and conditioners without sulfates when you wash your wig so the color doesn’t come out and the hair is gently cleaned and nourished. By doing this, the makeup will last longer.

Avoid heat damage:

Avoid high temperatures when brushing your hair or using your wig to prevent heat damage. Choose ways to style your hair that don’t involve heat when you can.

Take on the task of coloring your wig, and don’t be afraid to use your imagination. Learning how to change the color of your human hair wig could be an excellent investment for your future in hairstyling and setting trends. Have a good time drawing!


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